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bodilingo is a movement.
all about redefining.

Move Better. Feel Better. Look Better.

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For too long, we have been conditioned to believe that working out is a chore. We have been told that it is not supposed to be fun, and that we should only do it if we want to change the way we look. But at Bodilingo, we believe that it is time to change this broken relationship with working out.


We want you to stop seeing exercise as a chore. We want you to feel as excited about it as you would when you are getting dressed for the day. We want to merge fashion, fitness, and fun, because we believe that you will give a workout your best shot when you feel great about yourself.


We believe that working out should be a part of your lifestyle, not something you dread. It should be something that you look forward to, and that makes you feel good. That is why we design our athletic wear to be stylish, comfortable, and functional.


We invite you to join us on our journey to change the way people think about working out.


Together, we can make working out a joy, not a chore.

Our Core Value


Value Centricity





Message from Founders

"Intention is to purely help and inspire people to do better and push it forward. We founded Bodilingo to
power that movement. "

Our Essence

At Bodilingo, we have mastered the technology with Fabric to create workout clothes that enhance the body's natural "Thermoregulation Process". When you wear our fitness apparel during exercise, the fabric helps to wick away sweat and keep you cool, allowing your body to regulate its temperature more efficiently.

Image by Sharon McCutcheon

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